Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In The Color of hearts on pages 26-32  shows photos when the take over stared. page 53-58,   

This book is an eye opener, to crimes on Key Biscayne, and it did'nt stop there, it went on, and on, it a shame, read The Color of heart, and you will understand what a shame it is or take a ride over there   
S. Masha Dr. Key Biscayne Florida

"Fragrance of Love Collection"

By: Dorothy E. Miller

The Color Of Hearts

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Come join Dorothy on her journey to freedom, by accepting her the antagonist wanted her to become their slave by stealing from her. The threshold guardian entered into Elizabeth's life. The protagonist gave her insight and hope. The action that was taken for accepting her call enabled her to become successful. How Elizabeth's life was at stake by accepting her call. How love motivated Elizabeth to accept her call. Sometimes, by accepting your call to reach your goal can be a real big ordeal. The very second Elizabeth accept her call, she ran right in the arms of her adversary .

Heart warming love story, the beat goes on,the best love story of our times.
Crossing the threshold as you will read resulted into Elizabeth reaching her goal. Romance thriller and of suspense.   

Friday, January 3, 2014

Songs written by Dorothy E. Miller

You will find love songs in this book  Orchid Island pages 14 
Personally yours my dear,  with this book and the song Miracles and wonders follower your heart.

page 74 Forever my Darling

you will find the greatest things is where love is 
please read this song from your book Orchid Island
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love song page 232 My Sunflowers 

all in love all over again 
By Dorothy E. Miller
"Fragrance of Love Collection"
Orchid Island

Orchid Island second book following in sequence of The Manuscript of a black Caucasian.

The epitome of high class, wealth, love. Yes, love. Love at first sight. Like a painter with a paintbrush, Dorothy E. Miller blends her colors and writes about Whites, Black, and Indians. It is part of her heritage growing up on Orchid Island, Florida and New Jersey. It is engrained in her work. This book is full of humanity and the love people should have for one another regardless of race. Orchid Island will entice and thrill. It is a masterpiece on racial blending and having two sets of parents Black and Caucasian at a time when that was not a norm. But, it was to Elizabeth and her journey is now your!!!

Protagonist was spell bound with love, like magic that love cause River to open, door to open they went from sleeping in a sleeping bag to a castle and riding in Harley Davidson motor bicycles,that time was so loyal. Even after finding out the antagonist worked for Elizabeth in her office and restaurant, the protagonist still achieve her goals. Love was still many splendid things for Elizabeth and Patrick.
You want be able to put this book down Orchid Island Romance, stolen moments, last chances, reckless passion, passionate heat and desire.