Monday, June 30, 2014

Self - Publishing
 By: Dorothy E. Miller

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  Conventional publishers may be interested in your books several publishers may contacted you offering to buy reprint and paperback right. If you are interested in, Self publishing is an effective way to
get some attention. But I have found that self-publishing was more profitable for me than signing with a conventional publisher on a royalty arrangement.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Self - Publishing Tips

By:Dorothy E. Miller

      The secret of success in self-publishing, marketing,  
advertising. You can write the greatest book the world has ever know, but if it doesn't reach the public, it want become a success.
        You can compete with the big-publisher it is easier than you think, since you are interested in only one product, you can afford to give it the time, attention and effort that large publishers can't give each of their books.

          You book can be a success if you self-publish if you go about it the right way.Many books which have been self-published have become best sellers recently. I believe that we will be seeing more and of this in the coming years.

            There a big difference between self-publishing and vanity presses, vanity presses publish your book by signing you to a contract where you pay all production cost. Having your book typeset and printed and often selling your book back to you.Self-publishing involves you having your book typeset and printed you advertising and marketing it and collecting all the profits

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

About "New Jerusalem" Oct 4, 2014

Thresh hold Guardian Bruce was grateful, and gracious, did he asks for to much when he fell madly in love with Elizabeth, the protagonist, knowing that she still had a broken heart, how do you heal a broken heart, how do you stop the rain from falling, where do you start, how do you stop the sun from shining. Founding out you can by loving. The power of love would take them higher, thresh hold Guardian
he was going to wait for love, some times it take a long time. Not nothing she was three months pregnant when the unforgettable Cleave walk out on her. When Cleave left he was like a blind man unable to find his way back in Elizabeth arms.    

Friday, June 20, 2014

Self-publishing Cooperative marketing

By Dorothy E. Miller

     Cooperative marketing is an arrangement in which publishers pool their resources and avail themselves of the opportunity to reach many customers as possible. Acquisition Libarrians, could not have dream of reaching had they depended an individual efforts.  
      Cooperative marketing also exists in forms of catalog inclusion. This way book jobbers, publishing companies, etc, review catalogs that are mailed free.
       Cooperative marketing also makes it possible to reach college markets, book clubs,and US
Military markets at home and broad.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Avoiding Rewrite 

by Dorothy E. Miller 

   Writers are notorious for wanting to change practically everything once they see their work set in type. Maybe that's why convention publishers will charge the author if alterations on the galleys or page are proofs are. This serves as a deter to rewriting the whole manuscript. You must give yourself a cut off limit after which you will consciously try to leave things as you have written them, if not you can spent your lifetime rewriting and never get your book into print.
    Retain your original manuscript, and store it in a fireproof box or bank safe deposit box. I won't go so far as to say that publishers are careless, but they are human, just like he mail carrier. As  long as you provide a legible, there is no reason to submit and original to a publisher or to a printer because it can be misplace

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Desktop Publishing
By: Dorothy E. Miller

Appearance also applies to the read ability of a book, reader don't want to struggle reading print or poorly designed effective graphics help your readers make a decision to purchase a particular publication based on their emotion and intuitive feelings about your product.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014



  Desktop publishing is turning into a household word. But what is it? Desktop publishing refers to the capability of a person not
trained in graphic design to be able to create professional. Effective graphic images at home or in the office without hiring professionals. 
    People who have little or no graphic design background but wish to publish their work book, magazine or newsletter can create attractive, effective printed material. 
     You might say that you don't have one artistic bone in your body and that a computer will not cure that problem. But through your experiences of reading and analyzing printed material, you have gained skilled in design. If you simply want to write technical literature and wonder why graphic design is important to publishing your book, think carefully about the books or manuscripts that have your eye. You'll have to admit that appearance as well content is very important in written comminution.

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