Saturday, June 28, 2014

Self - Publishing Tips

By:Dorothy E. Miller

      The secret of success in self-publishing, marketing,  
advertising. You can write the greatest book the world has ever know, but if it doesn't reach the public, it want become a success.
        You can compete with the big-publisher it is easier than you think, since you are interested in only one product, you can afford to give it the time, attention and effort that large publishers can't give each of their books.

          You book can be a success if you self-publish if you go about it the right way.Many books which have been self-published have become best sellers recently. I believe that we will be seeing more and of this in the coming years.

            There a big difference between self-publishing and vanity presses, vanity presses publish your book by signing you to a contract where you pay all production cost. Having your book typeset and printed and often selling your book back to you.Self-publishing involves you having your book typeset and printed you advertising and marketing it and collecting all the profits

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