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Dorothy E. Miller was born in Indian River County, on Orchid Island, near the East Coast of Florida and now lives in Miami. She attended schools in New Jersey and college in Florida where she was encouraged by her professors to develop all of her talents. She studied creative writing at Lindsay Hopkins in Miami. Besides being an author, she is a mother, sister, and friend, enjoys singing, dancing, acting, cooking, and speaking. Her published books include The Manuscript of a Black Caucasian, The Long Summer, Orchid Island, and Second Time Happy.
Mrs. Miller  worked as a Legal Secretary in Dade County. Attended college at Miami Dade community College South Campus. Continuing her Legal education at the University of Miami Law school Mrs. Miller became a paralegal.
At the present time Dorothy E. Miller is publishing her own books, under the company name Miller & Seymour Inc.. She has published four of her books, and is working on number five. She dreamed of seeing her books in print in bookstores, on Library shelves and in homes, but trying to work through a publishing house proved too frustrating so she published and marketed her own books.
Dorothy E. Miller's newest release, Second Time Happy is a family book, but also for lovers. By reading this book you will be walking with love. This book is not some simple game you play. This book is about love, and love can move mountains. Love triumphs the highest and deepest emotion of the human heart where there is also innocence, sincerity, faithfulness, and finally true love. The Manuscript of a Black Caucasian,Orchid Islandand Second Time Happy, are books in sequence one following the other. These books are autobiography nonfiction.
The Long Summer is a children’s book.  This book will make a difference in your child's life.
ISBN: 0-9638844-9-2 The Color of Hearts
ISBN: 0-9638844-6-8 Second Time Happy
ISBN: 0-9638844-0-9 The Manuscript Of A Black Caucasian
ISBN: 0-9638844-4-1 Orchid Island
ISBN: 0-9638844-1-7 The Long Summer

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