Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More tips on self-publishing

After you get your corporation paper and seal. You will need to obtain a ISBN numbers for your books. Please contact the ISBN Agency at 908-667-6770 to request an application for  your ISBN numbers, This cost about $120.00 dollars you don't need a Lawyer you can do it your self. Put your think cap on please smile. They give you about 10 ISBN. 

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Books by Dorothy E. Miller
Second  Time Happy
Fragrance of Love Collection series

If you liked Kate and John TV series, you will love this book, my book was written before the show air.  
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The blending, living, loving life of Elizabeth. Romantic thritter  full of motherhood and parental love. Curl up and relax and slip into the beautiful world of motherhood. This book tells you about parental love and the upbringing of children. Brimming with romance, adventure, exotic locales, intense emotion and wholesome values, it is for all ages and features the main characters Elizabeth and Cleave. We are all around people of different culture. We must blend our children with all races. I get to the heart of love with my characters. Second Time Happy is like beauty of the beholder. Second Time Happy will leave you smiling and happy. The story will draw the reader under the skin of the characters. Elizabeth is a woman of passion and ambition. Cleave has so much strength and paternal ambition. This book shows lofty works -the lofty Cleave and Elizabeth - share with each other Second Time Happy is full spectrum love story that you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Books by: Dorothy E. Miller
"Fragrance of Love collection"
After Storms on Orchid Island

 Nonfiction series Number 3 series hard cover.  
Barnes & Noble said that nonfiction series books are selling.  
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This latest Dorothy E . miller thriller blends suspense, mystery and romance into a sizzling thriller complete with three love in a tangle! Follow the series with this very important read that will change your life. You will find that after storms there's clean up time; after rain there are rainbows......I am so enthusiastic about this romance novel Each step of the journey affects and challenges the other. Even the crimes bring the hero and heroine together. In this book, love had to be investigation True love never dies. It lasts a lifetime. Some did not believe Elizabeth's side of the story. She had to prove her innocence and prove the antagonists wrong despite the face love had overruled again. The protagonists 
discovered a fact that the antagonist doesn't know about the side of her Caucasian. The antagonist begins to respect her, only after the antagonist has cause so much trouble in Elizabeth 's life. This book is a romance mystery thriller. This book will captivate you and pull you into a romantic and thrilling adventure that will leave you breathless! Don't miss visiting Indian River Lagoon and the New Jersey Mansion on the Apple Farm in this hot, romance story!
Will Elizabeth love keep things together?        
Second Time Happy
By: Dorothy E. Miller

Second Time Happy, nonfiction, number 3 of  Fragrance of love collection. At  FRW at our super saturday Barns & Noble manager a speaker were speaking about nonfiction books. That follow each other are selling. This is the book to buy start your collection.

Second Time Happy tells of all the happy time, family dinners, christmas dinner party, thanksgiving, boat rides, wrote in dialoque. You will get to the heart of love with characters, sincere and provocative contemporary love story with parent and their children  This book a honest account of Joys and love            

Saturday, October 19, 2013

After storms On Orchid Island

By: Dorothy E. Miller 

In memories of Dad, Barry, other family members
in New Jersey, for the good times, rest in peace   
In Memories of  Dad, Barry and other Family members In New Jersey For the good times. May God Bless you, Barry and all others rest in peace

After Storms On Orchid Island
By: Dorothy E. Miller

This book series six of books
Scenes on farm in New Jersey. The story tells about Elizabeth in a integrated world and a segregated would, telling how both world were full of love. What make this book so special the time zone were little love between Blacks and Caucasians. In spite of some hate there were still love on the farm in New Jersey. In  the story will Elizabeth beat these crimes, and injuries with love?   

Friday, October 18, 2013

After Storms On Orchid Island
By:  Dorothy E. Miller   

After Storms On Orchid Island   
 By:  Dorothy E. Miller 
After Storms On Orchid Island
 By: Dorothy E. Miller

After  Storms On Orchid Island
By: Dorothy  E. Miller 

"After Storms On Orchid Island"
By: Dorothy E. Miller
This book is full of Mystery romance thriller on Indian River Lagoon, New Jersey farm, hottest romance story written. 
    Each step of the journey affects and challenges the other, even the crimes bring the hero and heroine together. In the book love had to be investigated. True love never dies: it lasts a lifetime. Some did not believe Elizabeth's side of the story. She had to prove her innocence and prove the antagonists wrong, despite the fact love had overruled again. The personalities of the two protagonist's love hold them together on thir journey to freedom to love.
pictures shown on pages 62-76 114-181   

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"After Storms On Orchid Island"

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The papers that post is the real owners houses and the real record
, after 2003 the take overs told me and the police that they were the owners, the take overs did not know that I had these papers from the court house.

and they are rebuilding 620, where ever the owners are they are holing them back from their own well.   
I'm posting all public record so my readers can see what Im writing in my New book "New Jerusalem"  and all my books, they did the same things on Orchid Island. At the court house filing the evil papers. And too show my readers that these criminal need to be stopped, they did not stop on orchid Island the criminal when over to Wabasso, then to New Jersery and killed, just to take over.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

The same thing like on Key Biscayne 

There were a big take over, I started to marketing, promoting, advertising just in time, with the law team looking into the matter also. 

All books by Dorothy E. Miller
Was held by a company that was going to say they were the owners of her books. They were going to do this evil crimes on GP
As of today they have not given Mrs. Miller blue lines or files from printing the Books.

Self-publishing and Vanity presses

By: Author  Dorothy E. Miller

There a big difference between self-publishing and vanity presses, vanity presses publish your book by signing you to a contract where you pay all production cost. Having your book typeset and printed and often selling your book back to you. Self-publishing involves you having your book typeset and printed your advertising and marketing it and collecting all the profits. Several publisher may contacted if offering to reprint and paperback rights. If you are interested in, self-publishing is an effective way to get their attention.     

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Front Cover "New Jerusalem"

By Dorothy E. Miller  
My aunt Ruth and Aunt Hadie 

Front Cover "New Jerusalem"
By Author Dorothy E. Miller

My Mother Sisters Aunt Ruth and Aunt Hadie the pretty ladies

Back Cover of new Book By: Author Dorothy E. Miller

The back cover of my new book "New Jerusalem" my Mother Mary Miller whom I love, she pass on. But is seems like she right here with, before she pass on she asked my Mama at the Cricket Club in Miami to take me the rest of the way.