Friday, September 26, 2014

"New Jerusalem"

By Dorothy E. Miller

Back cover
"New Jerusalem"

By Dorothy E. Miller

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Second Time Happy
By Author Dorothy E. Miller

Dorothy get to the heart of love with her characters, Second Time Happy is like beauty in the eyes of the beholder, This book will leave the readers smiling and happy. Second Time happy will draw the readers under the skins of the characters. This book is an  honest account of love and joy

     Cleave awake Elizabeth from her day dreaming by kissing her on the cheeks Elizabeth, having flash of her wedding day, and anything that happy that day.
       She realized that she was in the present and not the past.       Off and on in their lives they both remember their wedding day.
         Elizabeth and Cleave sat, little by little the sun moved over the porch and bring a touch of warmth to
their cold and narrow frames. They tilt back and forth, their bodies swaying in silent. The rumpled paper sack dropped from Elizabeth to the floor.
          A touch of wind picked it up, bustling  it along the length of the porch. The pencil rolled, Cleave and Elizabeth watched it with blinking fascination until it fell through a crack and disappeared. Then there was no sound at all but the cat like squeaks as the rattan chairs rubbed together and protested against the endless rocking       

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tips on self Publishing 
By Dorothy E. Miller

Attend seminars, workshops and  conference organized by any of the compainies
 that happen to publish material in your area of interest. As long as you have an unpublished manuscript or just a book idea, you have a problem. Talk to everybody at the workshop or seminar. Tell them your problem and share their's too.  
Fragrance of love collection series

"Epidemic of love" 
By Dorothy E. Miller

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fragrance of love collection series
By Dorothy E. Miller

I like Fragrance of love
series volume in appreciation of my close attachment to my black and caucasian family which I cherish.

They wished that their children would make a small mark in this world. I wish for posterity to know they passed this way   

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Historic Orchid Island, 
Historic Orchid Island, Orchid Island over a 100 years old
still has beauty.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

       The River Boat would stop at Key Biscayne and Bayside to pickup passengers. The community loved Elizabeth's writing and singing, she had autographed so many books for all people , Black, Haitian, Jamaican, Italian, and, Caucasian, Elizabeth's professor was Italian and would come along with others to hear Elizabeth sing.
         On Orchid Island the  morning fog was heavy but beginning to lift. The workers left the table and went outside. Elizabeth went back to her place at the table. Rebecca brought Patrick a slice of fried ham, hot bread, rice and red beans, a country breakfast, she slid the plate in front of Patrick.
           Patrick was deeply troubled something was happening. He lowered his head.The flame of desire inside him was beginning to scorch his iron control. Kissing Elizabeth would only be the prelude to satisfying the need building within. He wanted to strip away the layers between them and discover every delicate inch of flesh hidden beneath, but he couldn't. Not now with the girls as an audience,not only in the restaurant but outside also, there was an audience from the River, folks passing by in their boats. Frustrated, choking sounding escaped his lips. 
           Patrick wanted to literally drop into her lap, but that would be the wrong place at the wrong time. Slowly he circled by confusion. Intuition warned him of this. He was being quietly but relentlessly tracked by a disaster which refused to assume a shape. Angrily, impatiently, he reached out for it,and his fingers closed on nothing.             
Orchid  Island
By DorothyE. Miller

    A heavy fog swirled out of the northwest and over Orchid Island, wrapping it in a drenched blanket of dirty gray, and trees dripped with a steady monotony from their branches and waved onto the sodden ground.  
      In Harbor's Restaurant the lights were bright and the room was filled with the teasing scent of hot bread, coffee, fried ham, beans and rice. The man and three girls at the long table bent their heads over steaming mugs full with beans and rice.Elizabeth was the owner of Harbor restaurant. Elizabeth, turned to glance at the girls. The men came from London, England, to work. One man working to get married. The girls work
their way through school. The River Boat was large and featured dining, dancing, and folks playing in the casino.
       The River Boat stopped at Harbor Restaurant on Orchid Island for the passengers to have dinner. The River Boat left from Paradise Island, Bahamas, the city of Atlantis cruising with the silvery River. It was so Beautiful;there were orchids on every tree along the river to orchid island. The scenes were lovely when the sun was setting.               

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book two  series 
Orchid Island 
By Author Dorothy E. Miller

This book will give you freedom. Freedom is more than a speech. There is freedom of love, freedom of joy, freedom of happiness, and the freedom to live.  Before I started my first book, I was tired of being the poor little rich girl. I knew there was something better in life. That is why I continue to write.
     In this story I use a lot of color with my paint brush just like an artist would paint, Orchid Island is full of color. When I talk about Elizabeth moving into the castle, I used my paint brush. It's funny how we want to live like our parents. When I was with my Caucasian family they lived in the middle of an apple orchard in a real big house. I took my dream and my paint brush and made many color. I wanted to be like that them, that
was my dream.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

     More reading on the attempted assassination
of Benjing, continue Bahamian dialect. 

        Benjie and Olga was going to go married, she was sick to her stomach to find out the attempted assassination was politically motivated.
     Benjie's mother now reread the story for the third time. Long after the others were asleep. Big Maum would lay on her bed, eyes open. At such moment her son could have been killed.
      From one of the kitchen window she had seen the official car with the superintendent of police  in the driveway.
Then he told her what had happen buy not why 
        "We're having him brought back to Nassau
          She spoke, "I guess yo've done fo' Benjie jus' bout all yo' can do' Mistuh Ralph,as the door close behind the superintendent, Sima and others maids began to slap their hands.          
            "hush yo' faces you Sima
             "Yo' wan' walk wad me?
They walked, and only sound  of her ankle bells' Across the western sky the long clouds were strung out in stands of violet and saffron,the wind had died completely, and the waves barely had strength enough to break on the shore.
              "Dat Benjie, he is somthin' man he wan' to talk at a dffrum  place an' time, "know" dat he bin brithed, I had t' strain an' push, dat Benjie! He fought t' get ou. 
                 "Why did didn't yo' sttp him befor' it go to late 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The singing palms 

By Dorothy E. Miller

Monday, September 1, 2014

A bite to eat, epidemic of love

By Dorothy E. Miller

The Manuscript Of A Black Caucasian 

Have  bite of epidemic of love
By Author Dorothy E. Miller

Good eating

As you keep reading all the series, you will find the mysterious man hiding in heavy undergrowth had nothing to do with attempted assassination of Benjie.

buy one book and relax, have a bite to eat