Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Second Time Happy
By Author Dorothy E. Miller

Dorothy get to the heart of love with her characters, Second Time Happy is like beauty in the eyes of the beholder, This book will leave the readers smiling and happy. Second Time happy will draw the readers under the skins of the characters. This book is an  honest account of love and joy

     Cleave awake Elizabeth from her day dreaming by kissing her on the cheeks Elizabeth, having flash of her wedding day, and anything that happy that day.
       She realized that she was in the present and not the past.       Off and on in their lives they both remember their wedding day.
         Elizabeth and Cleave sat, little by little the sun moved over the porch and bring a touch of warmth to
their cold and narrow frames. They tilt back and forth, their bodies swaying in silent. The rumpled paper sack dropped from Elizabeth to the floor.
          A touch of wind picked it up, bustling  it along the length of the porch. The pencil rolled, Cleave and Elizabeth watched it with blinking fascination until it fell through a crack and disappeared. Then there was no sound at all but the cat like squeaks as the rattan chairs rubbed together and protested against the endless rocking       

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