Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tips on nonfictions book, know your story line, ever write the masqueraders real name, or your protagonist, let your have element of style. Research where your story takes place, it best to go and live there. Off and on until your book is done. 
The Manuscript of a black Caucasian scenes began in the Bahamas. I lived there on the Island for months at a time. That why books like that very expenses to write. Nonfiction books you spent lots of money.

The Manuscript of a black Caucasian 
By Dorothy E. Miller
     They were approaching the downtown district of Nassau, the traffic was heavy, two-story frame buildings, some to the tinted pink and yellow, with their shaded balconies, mellow, in the sun. The shops offered liquors, French perfumes, and British woolen's at duty-free prices. 
     At this time of year, day creeps softly upon the Bahamas, flaming out across Eleuthera toward New Providence and Nassau. Andros and Berry Island, create a giant palette by the sea with smears of indigo, pink, yellow, and blue.  
     With the sun came the first light stirring of wind, which would freshen later. Now it did little more than riffle through the coconut palm trees,
as they shook the lacquered branches of bayberry bushes and set the flat pink pads of woman brushed against one another in their endless gossip .  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Manuscript of a black Caucasian
By: Dorothy E. Miller  

Tips on nonfiction, put feeling in your book, be sure your readers feel you, and rounding.

Like this:
    Elizabeth smiled, at the woman who looked scandinavian, her light faded hair, was pulled into a tiny skimpy knot, and her face was clean and shiny, she looked spare, bony, and strong.

      Strange, too, were the deep-piled rug, and the clutter of furniture and pictures on a mahogany bureau, a nest of little tables, and armchair covered with white chinz to match the curtains at the window, pictures on the painted walls. A door open to a sparkling bathroom which was Elizabeth.    

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More about The Manuscript of a black Caucasian
By: Dorothy E. Miller
A back book, as kick the ball off with other books. 
By Dorothy E. Miller.
    Within the house there was no sound except her mother speaking in a whisper. So Elizabeth got up and went into the kitchen and looked into her mother eyes. She desired to say to her, "Mother, I'm pregnant, but she didn't. Elizabeths was an exceptionally large woman, heavily boned muscular, rather than fat.
      The starched apron with gray stripes on white stood out in 
stiff fold. Her feet were bare and around one ankle was fastened a thick gold chain. Her height, of over six feet,was imposing. From her place at the room's end, she stared down the length of the table with dark impassiveness.     

Monday, April 27, 2015

Some play time as a kid
 Indian River where Elizabeth were born, end of dock 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

     Elizabeth  was guided, disciplined in pursuit of her on destiny.       Her grandmama, great grandmama continue to talk to Elizabeth about her birthday. She was born a Princess and to live her life in appreciation of her attachment to God who gave her the birth right.     In the story years had passed, she became pregnant before her 16th birthday. 
         Early morning sunlight forced its way through the slatted blinds and lay in bright strips across the huge and untidy bed,
a tangent beam struck the closed eyes of Elizabeth's sister Joan, who was sleeping there, causing her to move restlessly. Finally, with a grunt irritation, she turned away from the persistent intruder and shoved her face into the compiled pillows .
           Elizabeth wanted to say, "Joan,   i'm pregnant," but she didn't . 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Its God Time, a new beginning, 
for all my readers and  helpers
We are walking in New Jerusalem .
You Will See.
By Dorothy E. Miller

Happy Easter everyone
from Dorothy E. Miller

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday 
Happy Easter every one 
From Author Dorothy E. Miller