Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More about The Manuscript of a black Caucasian
By: Dorothy E. Miller
A back book, as kick the ball off with other books. 
By Dorothy E. Miller.
    Within the house there was no sound except her mother speaking in a whisper. So Elizabeth got up and went into the kitchen and looked into her mother eyes. She desired to say to her, "Mother, I'm pregnant, but she didn't. Elizabeths was an exceptionally large woman, heavily boned muscular, rather than fat.
      The starched apron with gray stripes on white stood out in 
stiff fold. Her feet were bare and around one ankle was fastened a thick gold chain. Her height, of over six feet,was imposing. From her place at the room's end, she stared down the length of the table with dark impassiveness.     

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