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More about The Color of Hearts
By: Dorothy E. Miller
ISBN 0-9638844-9-2
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   It rained very head all day that day, Elizabeth was thoroughly soaked, by noon a good deal tired, the captains stop.
    There being a great surge on the stony beach. So they dropped anchor, swing out a cable toward the shore. Some people came down to the shore, hallooed to them, as they hallooed back, the wind was so high and the surge so loud that could not understand each other.
        There was some small boat near the shore, they made signs and called to them fetch; but they either did not comprehend captain Oscar Thomas or it was impracticable. Night approach, they
had no remedy but to have patience till the wind abated. In the meantime the captains, Oscar Thomas, James Robinson, and Elizabeth concluded to sleep if they could.   

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Color Of Hearts by Dorothy E. Miller 
Third edition Fragrance Of Love Collection,
This book fill of romance, mystery, mysterious sickness, attempted assassination on the Protagonist and her best friend for nothing.

The Color Of Hearts
Author Dorothy E. Miller
    The city of Key Biscayne is surrounded on four sides by the River, by the sea. Honest the Island is so beautiful and wonderful. Some times it hard to translated into dialogue. Elizabeth went there just for the peace that the Island brings.
      On approaching the Island she found it was in a place where love live. People and neighbors visited by boat, just like Orchid Island.
        The first time Elizabeth visit Key Biscayne the two captains James Robinson, Oscar Thomas, they ere on the boat Elizabeth Caucasian dad gave for a birthday gift. Looking for a house to live in on the seaside      

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Orchid Island this edition everyone likes
Dorothy E. Miller
you can buy this book Amazon books.com
Orchid Island by Dorothy E. Miller ISBN 9780963884442

Good reading, paper back 5 stars
   Elizabeth would still feel the heat of his body, and a tingle slipped down her spine as she remembered the electric touch of their bodies in  the boat last night. Elizabeth could testify to other facts that Patrick's heart was definitely jumping. Patrick liked having control. A ghost of a smile touched Elizabeth's face as she looked through the window to the warmth of the sun peeking through a blanket.

      Elizabeth through watching Patrick having control might be fun. Patrick leaned over to Elizabeth to grab her. Enjoying the warmth, she closed her eyes and braced herself.  Patrick grinned.     

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Happy Mother day: Dorothy E. Miller
Happy Mother day
Happy Flower day,  Happy Mother day 
Dorothy E.
Happy Mother day everyone
Author Dorothy E. Miller
Happy Mother day, my mama and her two sisters
the cover of my new book "New Jerusalem"and
Happy Mother Day everyone
Photo of my Mama, and her two sisters,
rest in peace.

Your Daughter Dorothy E. Miller
If you could see me now, the one who said she would rather rome, if you could only see me now, just for a second turn back the hands of time, if you could only see
me now. Love you Mama were the best Mother

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Author Dorothy E. Miller
Orchid Island second edition
Some reading from chapter one

Orchid Island was where Elizabeth Black family began their lifes. 

        A heavy fog swirled out of the northwest and over Orchid Island, wrapping it in a drenched blanket of dirty gray, and trees dripped with a steady monotony from their branches and waved onto the sodden ground.
          In Harbor's Restaurant the lights were bright and the room was filled with the teasing scent of hot bread, coffee, fried ham, beans and rice. The man and three girls at the long table bent their heads over steaming mugs 
full with beans and rice. Elizabeth was the owner of the Harbor Restaurant. Elizabeth turned to glance at the girls. The girls and men came from London, England, to work. One man was working to get married. The girls were working their way through school. The River Boat was the reason they came from London to work on Orchid Island. TheRiver Boat was large and featured dining, dancing and folks playing in the casino.The River Boat stopped at Harbor Restaurant on Orchid Island for the passengers to have dinner. The River Boat left from Paradise Island Bahamas the city of Atlantis cruising with the silvery clouds, on the silvery river, to Orchid Island.        

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Years ago the whole Island was fruit trees, all kinds of fruit and Orchids were around the houses. Everyone went fishing after working hours.
Another Orchid Island house
Orchid Island, Indian River County history Island
Orchid Island Second edition
Fragrance of love collection
By Dorothy E. Miller

   I have found out that it's the things we have already done that's important. Because the things we have done that are good, we somehow can keep on keeping on.This book is part of a series about my life and experiences with love. After my early marriage,        I was sure that I would not find love again, but I did again and again.
      I wish for peace with the Indian and caucasian people, and Blacks. My Grandmother and Great grandmother remember how things were long ago. We are going to need to stop and think.   Have we really been good to the Indians or have we just taken from them?  This cause has to end because of a half breed.  
      This world needs to give back what was stolen from the American Indian.

Orchid Island where Elizabeth life began
photos of house on Orchid Island


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Dorothy E. Miller
New Book New Jerusalem tells the story about,money laundering along with black magic, conjuring tricks, illusions that deceive the mind and groups want to start a holocaust.
And the hottest love story that been written