Saturday, May 2, 2015

Orchid Island Second edition
Fragrance of love collection
By Dorothy E. Miller

   I have found out that it's the things we have already done that's important. Because the things we have done that are good, we somehow can keep on keeping on.This book is part of a series about my life and experiences with love. After my early marriage,        I was sure that I would not find love again, but I did again and again.
      I wish for peace with the Indian and caucasian people, and Blacks. My Grandmother and Great grandmother remember how things were long ago. We are going to need to stop and think.   Have we really been good to the Indians or have we just taken from them?  This cause has to end because of a half breed.  
      This world needs to give back what was stolen from the American Indian.

Orchid Island where Elizabeth life began
photos of house on Orchid Island


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