Monday, May 18, 2015

The Color Of Hearts by Dorothy E. Miller 
Third edition Fragrance Of Love Collection,
This book fill of romance, mystery, mysterious sickness, attempted assassination on the Protagonist and her best friend for nothing.

The Color Of Hearts
Author Dorothy E. Miller
    The city of Key Biscayne is surrounded on four sides by the River, by the sea. Honest the Island is so beautiful and wonderful. Some times it hard to translated into dialogue. Elizabeth went there just for the peace that the Island brings.
      On approaching the Island she found it was in a place where love live. People and neighbors visited by boat, just like Orchid Island.
        The first time Elizabeth visit Key Biscayne the two captains James Robinson, Oscar Thomas, they ere on the boat Elizabeth Caucasian dad gave for a birthday gift. Looking for a house to live in on the seaside      

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