Friday, May 8, 2015

Author Dorothy E. Miller
Orchid Island second edition
Some reading from chapter one

Orchid Island was where Elizabeth Black family began their lifes. 

        A heavy fog swirled out of the northwest and over Orchid Island, wrapping it in a drenched blanket of dirty gray, and trees dripped with a steady monotony from their branches and waved onto the sodden ground.
          In Harbor's Restaurant the lights were bright and the room was filled with the teasing scent of hot bread, coffee, fried ham, beans and rice. The man and three girls at the long table bent their heads over steaming mugs 
full with beans and rice. Elizabeth was the owner of the Harbor Restaurant. Elizabeth turned to glance at the girls. The girls and men came from London, England, to work. One man was working to get married. The girls were working their way through school. The River Boat was the reason they came from London to work on Orchid Island. TheRiver Boat was large and featured dining, dancing and folks playing in the casino.The River Boat stopped at Harbor Restaurant on Orchid Island for the passengers to have dinner. The River Boat left from Paradise Island Bahamas the city of Atlantis cruising with the silvery clouds, on the silvery river, to Orchid Island.        

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