Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More about The Color of Hearts
By: Dorothy E. Miller
ISBN 0-9638844-9-2
All rights reserved

   It rained very head all day that day, Elizabeth was thoroughly soaked, by noon a good deal tired, the captains stop.
    There being a great surge on the stony beach. So they dropped anchor, swing out a cable toward the shore. Some people came down to the shore, hallooed to them, as they hallooed back, the wind was so high and the surge so loud that could not understand each other.
        There was some small boat near the shore, they made signs and called to them fetch; but they either did not comprehend captain Oscar Thomas or it was impracticable. Night approach, they
had no remedy but to have patience till the wind abated. In the meantime the captains, Oscar Thomas, James Robinson, and Elizabeth concluded to sleep if they could.   

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