Friday, September 5, 2014

     More reading on the attempted assassination
of Benjing, continue Bahamian dialect. 

        Benjie and Olga was going to go married, she was sick to her stomach to find out the attempted assassination was politically motivated.
     Benjie's mother now reread the story for the third time. Long after the others were asleep. Big Maum would lay on her bed, eyes open. At such moment her son could have been killed.
      From one of the kitchen window she had seen the official car with the superintendent of police  in the driveway.
Then he told her what had happen buy not why 
        "We're having him brought back to Nassau
          She spoke, "I guess yo've done fo' Benjie jus' bout all yo' can do' Mistuh Ralph,as the door close behind the superintendent, Sima and others maids began to slap their hands.          
            "hush yo' faces you Sima
             "Yo' wan' walk wad me?
They walked, and only sound  of her ankle bells' Across the western sky the long clouds were strung out in stands of violet and saffron,the wind had died completely, and the waves barely had strength enough to break on the shore.
              "Dat Benjie, he is somthin' man he wan' to talk at a dffrum  place an' time, "know" dat he bin brithed, I had t' strain an' push, dat Benjie! He fought t' get ou. 
                 "Why did didn't yo' sttp him befor' it go to late 

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