Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book two  series 
Orchid Island 
By Author Dorothy E. Miller

This book will give you freedom. Freedom is more than a speech. There is freedom of love, freedom of joy, freedom of happiness, and the freedom to live.  Before I started my first book, I was tired of being the poor little rich girl. I knew there was something better in life. That is why I continue to write.
     In this story I use a lot of color with my paint brush just like an artist would paint, Orchid Island is full of color. When I talk about Elizabeth moving into the castle, I used my paint brush. It's funny how we want to live like our parents. When I was with my Caucasian family they lived in the middle of an apple orchard in a real big house. I took my dream and my paint brush and made many color. I wanted to be like that them, that
was my dream.  

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