Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Books by Dorothy E. Miller
Second  Time Happy
Fragrance of Love Collection series

If you liked Kate and John TV series, you will love this book, my book was written before the show air.  
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The blending, living, loving life of Elizabeth. Romantic thritter  full of motherhood and parental love. Curl up and relax and slip into the beautiful world of motherhood. This book tells you about parental love and the upbringing of children. Brimming with romance, adventure, exotic locales, intense emotion and wholesome values, it is for all ages and features the main characters Elizabeth and Cleave. We are all around people of different culture. We must blend our children with all races. I get to the heart of love with my characters. Second Time Happy is like beauty of the beholder. Second Time Happy will leave you smiling and happy. The story will draw the reader under the skin of the characters. Elizabeth is a woman of passion and ambition. Cleave has so much strength and paternal ambition. This book shows lofty works -the lofty Cleave and Elizabeth - share with each other Second Time Happy is full spectrum love story that you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough!


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