Monday, October 28, 2013

Books by: Dorothy E. Miller
"Fragrance of Love collection"
After Storms on Orchid Island

 Nonfiction series Number 3 series hard cover.  
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This latest Dorothy E . miller thriller blends suspense, mystery and romance into a sizzling thriller complete with three love in a tangle! Follow the series with this very important read that will change your life. You will find that after storms there's clean up time; after rain there are rainbows......I am so enthusiastic about this romance novel Each step of the journey affects and challenges the other. Even the crimes bring the hero and heroine together. In this book, love had to be investigation True love never dies. It lasts a lifetime. Some did not believe Elizabeth's side of the story. She had to prove her innocence and prove the antagonists wrong despite the face love had overruled again. The protagonists 
discovered a fact that the antagonist doesn't know about the side of her Caucasian. The antagonist begins to respect her, only after the antagonist has cause so much trouble in Elizabeth 's life. This book is a romance mystery thriller. This book will captivate you and pull you into a romantic and thrilling adventure that will leave you breathless! Don't miss visiting Indian River Lagoon and the New Jersey Mansion on the Apple Farm in this hot, romance story!
Will Elizabeth love keep things together?        

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