Friday, May 17, 2013

Second Time Happy

my followers, fans, readers, send for your book Second Time Happy
you can from my web page atlasbooks/

On tour with this book "After Storms On Orchid Island" Photos display pages 12-20 of Orichid Island, 32-36 New Jersey and 157-167
Total mystery, Romance, Suspense. Now, from the author of Manuscript of a Black Caucasian, Orchid Island , Second time Happy, The Clolor of Hearts, and The Long Summer comes another thrilling read! "after Storms On Orchid Island" blends suspense, mystery and romance into a sexy sizzling thriller complete with three loves in a tnagle! flollow the series with this very important read that will change your life. You wil find that after storms there's cleandup time; after rain there are rainbows.there's more to come.
order books by Dorothy E. Miller
Baker & Taylor Books 1120 Route 22 east
1-8000-775-1800 or on my webpage or dorothy emiller orders number 305-450-1500

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