Tuesday, November 12, 2013

  Orchid Island

"Fragrance of Love Collection"  

Nonfiction Series Romance
By Dorothy E. Miller
 The epitome of high class, wealth, love. Yes, love. Love at first sight. Like a painter with a paintbrush, Dorothy E. Miller blends her colors and writers about Whites, Blacks and Indians.It is part of her heritage growing up on Orchid Island Florida and New Jersey. It is engrained in her work. This book is full of humanity and the love people should have for one another regardless of race. Orchid Island will entice and thrill. The protagonist was spellbound with love -like magic that love causes Rivers to open, doors to open. They went from a sleeping in sleeping bag to a castle and riding on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Even after finding out the antagonist worked for Elizabeth in her office and restaurant, the protagonist still achieves her goals Love is a many splendid things for Elizabeth and Patrick. You won't be able to put this book down. Orchid Island:romance, stolen moments, last chances, reckless passion. Her journey is now your!!!       

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