Monday, November 6, 2017

Epidemic of love
By: Dorothy E. Miller

When their love comes under attack whose heart proves to be the strongest? This story is about love and hate Elizabeth the protagonist, has so much love in her heart. The antagonist however, hates her and in the past has tried to ruin her reputation and her life going as far as using black magic to make a loved one betray her. The masqueraders were certain they had won but when Elizabeth starts picking up the pieces of her life and her humpty-dumpy broken heart they learn she is stronger than they ever anticipated.

The masqueraders then turn to murder. First Elizabeth brother is killed and then one of her sisters is found dead face down in her bedroom.

When the masqueraders came in on fresh wounds the hate become  mathematics, the antagonist become trigonometry, and the protagonist become the geometry the trouble after working all trouble out , the take became algebra   

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By : Dorothy E. Miller

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