Friday, May 18, 2012

After Storms on Orchid Island

Another Dorothy E. Miller Thriller

The Fragrance of Love Collection:
After Storms on Orchid island mystery, romance, and suspense.  This book reminded my of the patients God talked about in his word,” wait upon the Lord, and you shall mount up like an Eagle.” This has come true in my life. My life has mounted up like an eagle.

All the mysteries in this book will give readers an exciting time that will last a lifetime. There’s lots of love-flash back and talking about the past in many way. I used flashback, and pictures, since it was the only way for the reader to truly understand what’s happening in After Storms On Orchid Island.

This book is a Romance love festival and the prospect of a cheerful love forever. I feel like you should have love in your heart each and every day of our lives.

The Color if Hearts, which I found to be good to read about, the crime scenes where in the dialog. To keep the puzzle going so the reader could follow the investigation. But the main emphasis is solving the crimes. And how the perpetrator is brought to justice. The Romance and mystery were quilted together.
These Romance mysteries, have affected my life, psychologically, and the desires of the two protagonists. The solving of this mystery had brought protagonists closer together. While the mystery and suspense still go on.

Each step of the journey affects and challenged the other, even the crimes bring the hero and heroine together, In this book love has to be investigated. True love never dies; it lasts a lifetime. Some did not believe Elizabeth’s side of the story. She had to prove her innocence and prove the antagonists wrong, despite the face love had overruled again. The personalities of the two protagonists’ love hold them together on the journey to freedom to love.

The protagonist discovered a face that the antagonist doesn’t know about: her Caucasian side. The antagonist  begins to respect her, only after the antagonist has caused so much trouble in Elizabeth’s life. This book is a Romance – Mystery thriller.

I have paid close attention to my heart when writing this book. This book will give you a love-joan. This book was fun to write. You will enjoy reading this book as well as appreciate the New Jersey scenes, Orchid Island by the river, the blue lagoon, the easy life of love; love comes easy, true love. The cover shows the two sides of Elizabeth.

When my eyes looked upon my Caucasian brothers in New Jersey that October afternoon in 2006, I knew that life was about to change for me and my readers. We all went into a new dimension. You will enjoy reading this fragrance of love collection.

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