Friday, May 18, 2012

The Color of Hearts

The Color of Hearts
Dorothy E. Miller

This book has been my passion to write in researching the needs of others, and developing a unique technology and solutions, to end the unhappy faces, while paying careful attention to my own.
This book has saved the unborn. Because of the unborn people have been able to build new houses, and have made families closer together and community, this have change the world in the millennium.

Joy make it shine in hearts, live your life abundantly each day, love never fails, all thing are possible by living, there's three thing you need, faith, hope, love. Joshua 1: 7,8,9

The scenes on orchid Island and Key Biscayne, Orchid Island a beautiful Island. More about Elizabeth life on the Island as The black Caucasian. And Elizabeth up bringing as a child. You won't be able to turn the pages fast enough! This is the forth book in sequence with The Manuscript Of A Black Caucasian.

This is a little difference from the other in a way. The way this book is difference, there's a crime scene by Key Biscayne police Department. The crime scene is not a made up scene the scenes are the act of the real deal.

I have loved much more than I did before, and I have given more, because of giving and loving God will always give you more. No matter what happen. I'm so glad that God is my senior partner. If God was not my senior I would not be able to finish this book.

As growing up when my mother married her first husband he was a policeman. The times that I were with my step daddy who was a policeman. I learned a lot about their duties. He die in the line of duties. As a young child I should not understand a person getting kill in the line of duties. But when you read my crime scenes you will see how it happens. The police department was so wrong, that's how innocent people get killed here in Miami because of lies. The police department believes lies. In their masquerade they become Black people. Cubans, whites, all cultural people. Miami is a big masquerade. Then went you need them they laugh at you. And tell you that you will not be working as an Author any more. And then there are some police officers who feel the tears, and pain that you feel, I will ever forget one or two of the officers that was involved they had a real big loving heart.

I was raised by a family, who loved me very, very much and still do, I was born free. This is not the sign of freedom, the sign of hatred.

You will enjoy reading this book to the highest.

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