Friday, December 13, 2013

Merry Christmas happy year

And eye open for the new Year

Look out for the deceiving, misleading practice, and black magic,creating illusions with magic and Supernatural power that makes impossible things happen, or gives somebody control over the forces of nature, this movement is used in many cultures for healing, keeping away evil, seeking the truth, and for vengeful purposes.
Illusion for magic to make impossible thing happen. To make somebody seem to appear, disappear,change or move by magic, the unexpanded, enchantment, science. Sometime deceives the senses or mind by appearing to exist when it does not, or appearing to be one thing when it is in another, a false idea, conception, or belief about somebody or something.

Dorothy E Miller new Release, New Jerusalem will be your eye opener and her readers will sing a new song.
You will be able to see the light.

you can start by reading :After Storms On Orchid Island, and you will be Happy
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