Friday, December 27, 2013

The Manuscript Of A Black Caucasian

Start your New Year off with this book

love song pages page 59 REUNITED you will fall in love all over.

love song 64-65 If my heart could speak, love sometimes trouble and indecision. 

Mama don' wan' peas, no rice, no coconut oil
Mama jus wan' her dandy handy
all the time     

love song page 81 What happened to your morning smile

love song  page 11 How can i give my love to you

   At this time of year, day creeps softly upon the Bahamas, flaming out across the waters. Toward New Providence and Nassau. create a giant palette by the sea with smears of indigo, pink, yellow, and blue.
     With th sun came the first light stirring of wind. which would freshen later. Now it did little more than riffle through the coconut palm trees as they bent high above a white beach. It shook the lacquered branches of bayberry bushes and set the flat pink pads of women's tongues to clacking and nickering as woman brushed against one another in their endless gossip.

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By Dorothy E. Miller

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