Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bahamian History
By: Dorothy M. Miller
Aug 9, 2017

This town Bahamas have come a long ways, sense I wrote The Manuscript Of A Black Caucasian. Then there were no light at night, or water you had to have juggs of water for your bath and cooking. The water went off at 11:am in the day. There was know refrigerators only only ice box. The ice man would come to refill the community ice box with ice everyday.

My family was so lucky they had more than most of the Ialand Bahamian. At night I would go to the Casino where the tourist were. I would get there around 12:30am and go to the beach and relax, to be cool no Air condition in the summer.  On the beach

a very cool breeze. There would be cooking going on all night.
This was the Bahamian way of living and drinking lot of rum.