Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bahamian History
The Manuscript Of a Black Caucasian
By: Dorothy E. Miller

 More tips like this to come

 What I'm trying to say research your book new writers,
know your community you are writing about. So yuor readers
 can feel you and your story. This makes a good romance.

Queen Elizabeth a part of Bahamian history, She was their queen for years She would from London. The community would have a big parade. Everything were so beautiful, Queen Elizabeth help to develop the Islands. She cared what happen to them. This was a time of peace, love, and joy.  

The Bahamian stared to build little business house to sell things. They would get shipped material from USA this costed lots of money. But they did it. They open their own stores. Over seas Banks help out and moved some of their brances there. the tourists begain to increase. Money stared to come in to each home and thing get better, things get better with time.

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