Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Color Of Hearts
By:Dorothy E. Miller

Hold on to your Heart, because its full of Color and Love:  A Mystery romance thriller, the journey of love.

Is was because of a police officer that the title of this book" The Color Of Hearts" a heart don't have a Color. 

This book has been my passion to write in researching the needs of others, and developing a unique technology and solutions, to end the unhappy faces, while paying careful attention to my own.

The book is a little different than the others there's a crime scene by Key Biscayne police department. The crime scene is not made up. it is the real deal 

I have loved more than i did before, and I have given more, because giving and loving God will always give you more, no matter what happens, I'm so glad that God is my senior partner. If God was not my senior I would not be able to finish this book. in their masquerade the be come Black people,Cubans,Whites and cultures of people. Miami is a big masquerade. 

my mother married her first husband, a policeman, in New Jersey. When I was growing up the time I spent with him I learned lot of the dutie of a policeman.  As a child growing I was around  policemen a lot, they were good policemen like on Key Biscayne, to help in any way they can Miami police department also. There are some not so good. You want be able to put this book down.  

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