Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing Tips
Dorothy  E. Miller

Creative Writing 

1.  Start with something interesting or exciting. Don't start at the beginning.

2. Make sure that early in the story you have the name of the protagonist and a brief description of him/her, an of the problem and type of story, some action or conflict, or ida of time and place 

3. Concentrate on the emotional incidents bring out feeling.

4. Whenever you can, have your characters act out the story with dialogue.

5. Elaborate on first experiences and new experiences.

6. Keep up suspense until the end of story.

7. Necessary background can best be given by flashbacks (short).

8. Don't ramble stick to important things and things and make them concise.

9. Use all the five senses in every story.

10. No introduction or postscripts if they are important use in story itself.

11.  Let your main character solve the problem.               

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